Competition & Tournaments

Competition and Tournaments

Competition / League

Would you like to become a League player, besides playing recreational? That’s possible!
 We play in the League of the department ‘Midden’ of the Dutch Table Tennis Association (NTTB). This is in the spring and the autumn.

I want to play competition!

Home games

Both youth and seniors play on Saturday from 1.00 - 5.00 pm!
Our youth and seniors players play their home game at the same time.

Why competition of all players on Saturday?

We want to promote bonding and social cohesion among the members
The club feeling is very important to us.
Can we encourage involvement by having youth and seniors play their games on the same day. As a youth member you can watch the seniors or the other way around! You can learn and have fun at the same time!

We work demand-oriented and want to remove barriers.
For senior members the games on the usual weeknight can be a barrier because of the late hours. Coming home after midnight, is not inviting and can create a threshold. In addition, many youth members stop at the age of 18, because they can’t combine League play with their studies. The late hours on weeknights create a barrier. We can promote the transition from youth to seniors and prevent that youth players will stop.

We will would like to organize various activities, events and tournaments.

The Saturday is ideally suited for this purpose. Youth and seniors are already accustomed to play table tennis on a Saturday, which will mean hopefully a lot of members will be attending these special activities.

Away games

The away games for the youth members are almost always also on the Saturday, but for the seniors on a weeknight (usually on Friday night).


In addition, it is also possible to participate individually in various tournaments. We will inform our members in time about these tournaments and how you can sign up.