Teams Spring 2024

Competition Teams - Spring 2024

During the NTTB Spring Season of 2024, Almere United was represented by 12 teams in total: 5 youth teams, 4 duo senior teams (2v2) and 3 regular senior teams (3v3).

Youth Teams

  • AU1, National level C - Dominique, Aistė, Joris, Fabian, Sai-Kee (8th place)
  • AU2, 3rd league - Djustin, Sam, Luuk, Tobias, Vuk (1st place)
  • AU3, 4th league - Alejandro, Nolan, Jenson, Beau, Max (4th place)
  • AU4, 5th league - Ingmar, Christian, Gishayro (3rd place)
  • AU5, 5th league - Tijn, Emmanuel, Floris, Luuk (5th place)

Senior Duo Teams

  • AU1, 2nd league - Jasper, Pepijn, Wayne, Andrew (3rd place)
  • AU2, 3rd league - Linh, Aistė, Emma, William (1st place)
  • AU3, 6th league - Ingmar, Hasan, Harald (1st place)
  • AU3, 6th league - Dennis, Rene, Arnold, Joachim (5th place)

Senior Regular Teams

  • AU1, 2nd league - Maikel, Pepijn, Wayne, Marc (2nd place)
  • AU2, 3rd league - Manuel, Aistė, Andrew, William, Joris (1st place)
  • AU3, 5th league - Juliano, Vincent, Nick, Aliaksandr (2nd place)

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