Sports Fund

Everyone should be able to join a sports club!
When this is not possible because of financial reasons, there are a facilities.

Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur Almere

The Youth Fund for Sports & Culture makes it possible for children and young people from families with little money to still be able to participate in football, music lessons, gymnastics, street dance, judo, theater lessons or any other sporting or creative activity. They pay the contribution / tuition fees for those children and young people.
The Youth Fund Sports & Culture Almere pays the contribution and any attributes up to a maximum amount of € 225 per year for sports
More information can be obtained from their website.

Almere United Fund

In addition, our club realized a sports fund so we can make it possible for people with low income (or less) to participate in sport (again).

What’s possible?

Members over 18 years can get a financial contribution in the membership fee.
In addition, from the Almere United Fund a stock of (used) clothing and equipment will be purchased. 
Youth and senior members can get one set of clothing, one pair of shoes and get one bat of the club when inventory allows it. This is a one-time gift.

Who can get a contribution from the fund?

In our policy plan and rules/regulations the criteria are pointed out. For more information and to discuss the possibilities, please contact the board members.


Do you have a shirt, shorts or shoes that no longer fit? A bat that deserves a second chance? We can make others very happy with that. With your donation, you make it possible for someone else to play table tennis as well.