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Almere United

Core values Almere United

Almere United is the new table tennis club in Almere! The club was founded with the purpose to get as many people as possible to start exercising and practice a sport, preferably table tennis of course! The need for sport clubs to broaden its traditional role, a low percentage of organized sports in Almere and a location problem as far as the table tennis sport goes, were directly the reasons for the initiators to start a new table tennis club in Almere and promote table tennis in a different way.

We started the club in Almere-Stad and started small and modest. We’re very happy with the location assigned to us by the municipality of Almere on Marathonlaan 13 on Fanny Blankers-Koen Sports parc. That’s where we started our first training session on Tuesday, August 18th 2015!

Fascinate and bind people to the club by creating room for social contact, coziness and making it able for people to take initiative. A club creating the feeling you’re ‘at home’ making members and visitors feel welcome!

That’s Almere United!

We are going to broaden the traditional role of just offering a sports and serving members. The club has a bottom-up approach and will think and act demand-oriented. The wishes, needs and possibilities of the athlete/member is where we start.

The social character is distinctive for Almere United. A sports club is part of the social network of people and brings people together. This philosophy is reflected in our name: Almere United. The social role of a club is very important.

We strive to bind to the neighborhood to the club and open our doors for non-members also during activities and events. We will immediately start serving the regular table tennis player and the vulnerable group with minimal income (or less). In time, we will also serve various vulnerable groups such as senior citizens, youths with problems and para-athletes and bring them to the club……or the other way around!

We want to contribute to the increase of sports participation for each group by taking away as many barriers as possible. We offer member various memberships, monthly collection of fees, flexibility in training hours, a sports fund for members with low income and a lot more!

Everyone should be able to practice a sport, everyone should be able to play table tennis!

Our logo

Our logo, designed by Jordy Wichgers of Web & Design Jeemwee, characterizes the identity of our club. The different bars represent different groups of people. By combining them there is movement and it unites. The circle is not closed; this characterizes our open climate.