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I hereby declare, by sending this form, to register for a membership and to agree with the rules and regulations, the Code of Conduct and the privacy policy of Almere United. We process the personal data in accordance with our privacy policy



I am a league player so I’m required to wear the clubshirt when representing the club in competition.


My permission only applies to the reasons, organizations and data mentioned above. For new data processing, Almere United has to ask me for permission.

I may withdraw my consent at any time.


The membership fee is paid PER MONTH by direct debit

I agree that ttc Almere United will collect the membership fees automatically (by direct debit).

  • The fee will be collected (at the end of) every month.
  • The membership wil be renewed automatically, when not terminated in time (
  • At the end of your membership you can terminate, taking into account a one month notice period.
  • League players are obliged to take a half year membership at least.
  • When you, for example, apply for a half year membership, then you commit yourself tot he club for that period.

By sending this form you consent to a continuous direct debit instruction to your bank to debit the amount from your account and your bank to continuously sum from your account to write off under the command of ttc Almere United. If you do not agree with this depreciation, you can reverse this. Please contact your bank within eight weeks of depreciation. Ask your bank for the conditions.