Training bij Almere United

The level of performance and skills of our members is mapped out by our trainers/technical committee. The trainingplan will be picked up by our new head of training Flip Valero starting autumn 2017. We will always look at the needs of our members.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we work with a beginners and advanced group. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday there is always room for free training hours.

Our location is:

Aventurijn gebouwMarathonlaan 13 on Fanny Blankers-Koen Sportparc in Almere-Stad.

We are open on:

Monday 8.00 - 9.30 pm (seniors training session + free training)

Tuesday 6.30 – 10.00 pm (youth training sessions starts 6.30 | seniors training session starts 8.45)

Wednesday 7.00 – 8.30 pm (seniors training session + free training)

Thursday 7.00 – 9.30 pm (youth training sessions starts 7.00 | seniors training session starts 8.15)

Saturday during home games 1.00 - 5.00 pm

We are working with:

Formal coaching sessions

Members will receive training at fixed times and in fixed groups. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we work with these training groups for youth and seniors.

Members will be divided into groups and receive formal coaching targeted to different levels and ages. League players can thus be well prepared for the games and the trainers will be able to coach and help all players develop the necessary table tennis skills.

Free training hours

Especially on Monday and Wednesday there's room for free training. Also on Saturday afternoon there is room for free training.

Under expert guidance everyone is free to practice and play during our opening hours when he/she wants to. Parent and child will be able to play at the same time, or jointly during these hours. The trainer will provide guidance and coaching on request.

Our trainers


Flip Valero – Head of training youth and seniors

I'm currently playing table tennis for about 30 years. Playing yourself is of course fun, but it's always fun to do something for the club. About 18 years ago, I accidentally started training the youth of ttc Elan and I really found my passion. Working with youth is really fun, especially to make them exceed and teach children something. After my period at ttc Elan I gave training for about 5  years at ttc Rega and I also got into the Youth Committee and departmental board. Completely different from training players but also very fun to do. At this moment I'm still accompanying a team in the national B class. When I was asked to give training at ttc Almere United, I got to know the club and the members a little better and found a group that's enthusiastic and eager to learn; I definitely see a challenge.  I also find it important to see the games as a trainer because you can see the improvement points there. Working hard with great fun and trying to make everybody better together, is the challenge I would like to take on!


Jesper Keur – trainer youth

I’m Jesper, I’m 19 years old and I play in the national League of table tennis. My goal is to teach you as much as possible, so that you can play as high as possible in the League. This of course goes hand in hand with fun and educational training sessions.