SinterChristmas Postponement

SinterChristmas Tournament will be postponed!

Due to the current situation surrounding Covid,
we decided to organize the SinterChristmas Tournament another time.

The SinterChristmas Tournament is a very well attended event; an event where all members and their family members are welcome. Young and old all together in a packed Marathonlaan 13.

In our opinion, this does not go hand in hand with the high numbers of new cases every day
and the Covid-rules that become more and more strict.

Another moment?

We don't want to wait another year again. don't postpone Sinterklaas and Christmas...

You can postpone an event though!
Same rules
Same concept
But... just under a different name 😉


As soon as it is possible and the situation allows it
we will organize a 'family tournament'

As soon as we can set a date, you will know that too!

SinterChristmas 2022

We hope we will be able to organize SinterChristmas Tournament next year December 2022.